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too close for confort.

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I Was on my way home from work yesterday traveling with the flow of traffic when all the sudden the brake lights in front of me light up like its fuckin christmas eve. I locked up the rear trying to downshift and locked up the front also, the next thing i notice is that im going to eat rear bumper. then 1st gaer got to point where it stopped skiddin and grabbed and that made my front stop locking up and made me stop 2 inches before having an early bumper dinner. i was defnetally too close to the car in front of me, not paying attention to traffic, but the car in front of me slammed on his brakes way too soon to be stopping for the traffic light.

what i learned is dont try to blame your accident/mistakes on others just because there being cautious also. if your in a hurry to get anywhere and your on a bike, just stop and think to yourself, is your life worth beating 5:00 traffic? :?:
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You 'da man!!

Way to save 'er, and way to admit you were following too closely. :)
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