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I am from INDIA. We don't get most the bikes I see here and other international forums. I am passionate about bikes and that is why I read a lot.I learned this much so far:

  • Torque = How fast you can go from low speed to high speed
  • HP = Once you have reached high speed, how long you can maintain it (a.k.a Performance a.k.a Power)
  • Max Torque/HP @RPM: RPMs where you get the max torque/HP

  • All cruisers, Modern Retro Standards like Bonneville and Z900RS fit Torquey category. They generally hit Max Torque @3000 RPMs
  • All sports bikes fit in HP category, max Torque @9000+ RPMs
  • ADV and touring bikes hit max torque somewhere in the middle @6000-7500 RPMs. I have one standard bike from Indian manufacturer "Bajaj", it is titled CT100B, B for Budget line of CT100 model. CT means City and 100 is for 100cc, It too has max torque of 8Nm @4500 RPM. Of course, no comparison to bigger bikes. Indian market is still warming up to higher capacity bikes.

Question I have:

1) How does one feel to ride a torquey machine. I have been once on KTM Duke 200, I know how speed feels, how does torque feel ?

2) Why do all cruisers are Torquey while ADV bikes have torque in the middle ?

3) Why City bikes are neither torquey (they should be I think for city bumper-2-bumper traffic) nor they are on HP side ?

4) I thought Torque was required in touring on non-highway roads, dirt and mountains and adventure riding (think Triumph Tiger). Am I wrong ?

4) What things I should be looking for in a bike required for City rides + occasional highway touring ?
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