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Trailering a GSXR

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I will be trailering my bike to Texas this summer. I just purchased a 5x10 fully enclosed Haulmark trailer. I would like to hear some recommendations on tie-down for the trip.

The rig I came up with is to use the passenger pegs as a hardpoint for tiedown forward of the bike. The rear wheel has a strap running through it and tied to the rear of the trailer to hold the rear of the bike down and keep it from fish-tailing. It seems pretty stable, and the suspension is not compressed. I will use a couple of straps to anchor from the top of the trailer as a safety measure in case a side strap lets loose.

Ideas are welcomed.
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Hey Five Inch! Buy or borrow my Canyon Dancer. About $25.00 from Cycle Gear. It extends the tie downs away from the Body of the bike. It also places the load on the opposite clip on. Check the set up on my trailer. New tie downs are available with built in extensions to keep the stuff away from the bikes body work.

Now for the important qustion and you know it's coming! Why the h*ll aren't you riding there?
The canyon dancer is not meant to be set so tight that it bottoms out the suspension. It pulls on the opposing clip on at the mountinting point, but the force is directed at the triple tree.

You might have seen it in the previous picture, but for rear tie downs I prefer to secure the bike where the sub frame meets the main frame. A couple tie down extensions there or ones built in to the new tie downs and you're all set.
axel_2078 said:
I don't remember what it's called, but stay away from the cloth thing that runs completely over your handlebars and hooks to the tie downs at the ends. I used one of those once and it pulled my right grip off. From then on, I just attached the straps to the frame.
:?: Sounds like a Canyon Dancer? But how did it pull the grip off? I've used mine for years with no problem. Loose grip maybe?
OK, now that explanation requires a picture! As long as it keeps the bike upright and still that's all that matters.

I still think you should ride it to Texas :scooter: :whistle:
Ooh! Ooh! I know, I know!! I'll setup the Jeep with a remote driver kit, place a few cameras around it, feed the video to a projector inside the trailer, and power it all off the Jeep. Then I can sit on the bike and ride/trailer/drive the Jeep all at the same time!!! I'm all over it...
Don't forget to pipe the air conditioning into the trailer too. It get s hot on the way to Texas!

Are you vacationing or moving?
All I ever get is "Resistence"! Damn Ohms! :twisted:
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