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Trailering a GSXR

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I will be trailering my bike to Texas this summer. I just purchased a 5x10 fully enclosed Haulmark trailer. I would like to hear some recommendations on tie-down for the trip.

The rig I came up with is to use the passenger pegs as a hardpoint for tiedown forward of the bike. The rear wheel has a strap running through it and tied to the rear of the trailer to hold the rear of the bike down and keep it from fish-tailing. It seems pretty stable, and the suspension is not compressed. I will use a couple of straps to anchor from the top of the trailer as a safety measure in case a side strap lets loose.

Ideas are welcomed.
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I don't remember what it's called, but stay away from the cloth thing that runs completely over your handlebars and hooks to the tie downs at the ends. I used one of those once and it pulled my right grip off. From then on, I just attached the straps to the frame.
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