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Trailering a GSXR

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I will be trailering my bike to Texas this summer. I just purchased a 5x10 fully enclosed Haulmark trailer. I would like to hear some recommendations on tie-down for the trip.

The rig I came up with is to use the passenger pegs as a hardpoint for tiedown forward of the bike. The rear wheel has a strap running through it and tied to the rear of the trailer to hold the rear of the bike down and keep it from fish-tailing. It seems pretty stable, and the suspension is not compressed. I will use a couple of straps to anchor from the top of the trailer as a safety measure in case a side strap lets loose.

Ideas are welcomed.
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Buy some wheel chocks and screw them into the front of the trailer. They are like $20 each or something like that. GET THEM. You'll be sorry if you don't. Try and use the triple tree as a tie down point. In lieu of that, get a canyon dancer for the front end. Always make your tie-down point as high as possible (i.e. the grab handle on the back of the bike). Otherwise, use the upper rear subframe of the bike.


- Nut
Yeah, you shouldn't need more than half. We cinched our GSX-R racebikes down pretty tight, but it was for short periods of time usually. Few hours at most. Don't worry about compressing that shock. It can handle it.

You gonna have time to make the run down here?

- Nut
Don't forget to pipe the air conditioning into the trailer too. It get s hot on the way to Texas!
You're kidding I hope.

- Nut
mA baby! mA!

- Nut
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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