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When you decide to build your own motorcycle Budgeting is a key consideration. Everyone wants a motorcycle that is fast and looks good, however there are other aspects that are much more important. According to my experience comfort is the most important design aspect of a good cafe racer. Experience has also shown that it is also the most overlooked and ignored. After fitting low bars, rear sets and bump stop seat, the bike should be rideable for a long periods of time without discomfort. I have ridden too many bikes that forced me into the fetal position where my elbows hit my knees and gave me leg cramps. I have also experienced poorly placed bars where all my weight was resting on my wrists or I was being suspended in a painful half push-up. These traits are typical of medieval torture devices and should otherwise be avoided when building your machine. Extra attention should be spent on finding the correct combination of rear sets, handlebars and seat. Sometimes you will have to try several different combinations until you find one that works. It’s well worth the effort.

where do you start?

There are 3 main factors that need to be considered. Time, budget and knowledge. These 3 factors will not only affect your initial decision but will also dictate how your Cafe Racer will turn out in the long run. You may have the time and the money but without the knowledge your project could end up as an uncompleted. If you are looking professional for this job I will suggest you order to Gasser Custom, It is specialize in custom vintage motorcycles likes CB350, CB750. It also offer an assortment of parts and fabrications. All work is done by a licensed technician bringing expert precision and detail to every build.

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