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Ts 250 Clutch Problem

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ive just recently starting having problems with my bike is a 1972 Ts 250, i was pushing it down the street on the way to my local riding spot and as i was walking down the street i pulled in my clutch and it got i pulled it in and it jammed i walked home and took the side panel off my bike where the clutch is and and pulled the lever in and out a few times and it i screwed it back on and it worked....and the clutch cable is verry i thought that must be i pushed it to my local spot and rode it for a bout 20 mins no problems and then when i stoped for a rest...the clutch wouldnt u have to pull it in and then push the lever like 500 times before it works again and its pissin me of...i have no money and im saving up for a manual which i wont get till afer any help will be accepted... :)
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what am i meant to do with a micro fishe when i dont have a reader thinngy...and anyways..what u talking about springs???? i have never adjusted anything on the clutch
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