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Besides experience, and practice, is there any advise on riding with a passenger?
2004 Marauder 800
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Be gentle with acceleration, as the extra weight will make the front wheel come up easier. You are hanging onto the bars, but your marauder does not have a sissy bar so they are only held in place by their grip on you, so don;t gun it suddenly and be prepared to have the extra pull against your hands and arms. Give yourself more room to brake. Tell your passenger to keep their hands either on your hips or around your chest, and to keep their feet on the footpegs until the bike is shut off so that they don't cause you to fall over at a stop because the swung a leg out or tried to hop off the bike before you put the side stand down. make sure they know to only get on and off the bike from the left side, so they don;t pull it over with their weight.
Also, you will want to discuss one more thing with them: they will occationally want to stand up a little on the pegs and adjust their butt's possition on the seat, thus shifting their weight sudedenly from side to side. Tthis is best done at high speed when the centrifical force of the wheels makes the bike stable, but they will insist on doing it when you are just coming to a stop at a red light and are trying hard to ballance the bike, because they think it is safer at low speed that at high speed. Have this discussion with them BEFORE they get on the bike.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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