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After 2 sets of BT010'S I tried Perelli Diablo's. These did last for about 3500 miles including a flat out blast through France, Italy and Switzerland.By flat out I mean every day in excess of 160mph for as long as poss. I can only say the Bridgestones dont last as long and give much better grip. It might cost more to replace the tyres when they dont last as long but its better to replace the tyres than have to shell out for a fairing etc., coz the tyres let go! Back on Bridgestones BT012SS.

HI there
I could not wait to get the standard 010's off my 1000.
I can't say they are rubbish as i beleive that most of use never fully explore the real bouderies of tyre performance,saying this though i had the rear end step out on more than a dozen times last summer.Out of these 3 were big moments hard on it in sunny Wales.
I just did not get on with them.
Since then i have fitted some Dunlops 2077RR's.
I have had several bikes over the last couple of years useing these and i love em. (and as a bonus at present must people regard these as old stock and so you can pick up pair for around £140 even cheaper if you buy a couple of sets as i did)
Ok they are not as stable at speed (they do make the bike weave but only at very high speed) but to me they offer great grip and loads of feed back.
Let me know how get on with the new bridgestones .
Bring on the summer and lets all go and play.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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