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Hey...any of you guys know of any good places to get a new undertail for a 2003 GSX-R600? It seems as though this information is tough to come by as there isn't much out there for details. I want to eliminate the fender, but it's not that simple...I'm going to need a whole new undertail. Any ideas (aside from just sawing it off)?

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thanks...I'll definitely check that out...I'm thinking about going with the undertail kit made by hotbodies racing...that looks pretty cool and it seems to be a complete package...a little expensive though

The one on Dennis Kirk is the same one made by competition werkes...there isn't much out there for kits or information on kits...the comp werkes one is significantly cheaper than the hotbodies one...but I imagine it is nowhere near as good. Something like this, you don't want to cheap it in my opinion, either way you're going to have to cut the fender off, and probably the cargo hooks will have to be grinded off as well...not to mention the fact that it might not even be legal in whatever state you're in...and it probably won't pass inspection with the turn signals iuntegrated into the tail it should be very interesting...but these are the kinds of questions nobody seems to have the answer to...looks like we'll have to find out the hard way...damn fenders!!!!!! :x
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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