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Hey...any of you guys know of any good places to get a new undertail for a 2003 GSX-R600? It seems as though this information is tough to come by as there isn't much out there for details. I want to eliminate the fender, but it's not that simple...I'm going to need a whole new undertail. Any ideas (aside from just sawing it off)?

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anyone else besides these two companies make undertail kits?
i'm definatly going to have to find the laws on fenders and licence plate mounting... after coming back from the Summer Nationals this evening i'v got a couple of nifty idea's... i might end up fabbing up something, and putting it out to be molded in carbon fiber or kevlar.. all the undertail kits i'v seen look cheap, and seem to have poor attachment meathods... i mean seriously, zip ties and double sided sticky tape... thats no where near, what i'd call quality...
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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