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Let's discuss something. I've pretty much got my wife talked into allowing a new bike into the household. The DR would have made a fine commuter bike when I worked at a factory, in town, but now that I have to ride 30 miles or so each way in a uniform, the prospect of a summer of bug and oil spots leaves something to be desired.

The Triumph Tiger is out. The demo that I could have afforded has been sold, and it had little leg protection besides. It also has a chain, which I've determined to try to avoid on my next bike. That also puts the KTM 950 Adventure out of the running, besides the fact that it wouldn't afford any more protection than the DR. The idea of owning one sort of makes me tingle inside, but I'm afraid I'd also be doing things with it that I'd probably regret, i.e. wheelies, power slides, damaging expensive metal and plastic parts, etc.

I'd like my next ride to be not only a good commuter, but tour friendly. The problem with that is: I don't like those big Gold Wing type bikes; I don't want a cruiser; and most of the Sport Tourers are not exactly eye catching - with one exception - The Yamaha FJR1300. It looks like an earth-bound F16. It affords very good protection, considering its small size, and as most of you know, has enough horsepower and torque to power a small village. Orders are being accepted at $11,599.00 until the end of April for '05's (you don't get one if you don't order one), with delivery being anywhere between July and November. I've found a new '04 which has been offered at $10,500 ($12,050 including tax, license, freight, and the addition of a Yamaha trunk/backrest). Insurance would be between $645 and $700/year. That's a lot of money, but it's money I'd be willing to spend.

The other option would be (don't laugh) an '04 Suzuki Burgman 650. It actually affords more protection from the elements than the Yamaha, gets somewhat better gas mileage, will cruise all day at 80 mph (The Yam would do 130, but why?) and at $7700 (way high for a scooter, eh?) is a lot cheaper than the FJR. Not only that, but I've been offered a new one for $6800 flat (no freight and all that) plus tax and license. Here's the kicker - I'd get to keep the DR and insure both bikes for only $150/year. I've heard of people who have actually done 2000+ mile tours on mega-scooters and had a great time.


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I like the way you think, Louis. :)

That said, I'll probably end up with the scooter. I really want to keep the dirt bike. Maybe I'll put a 17" on the front, sticky road tires, maybe a DR Supermoto, eh? :wink:

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well wasions, that sounds like quite a dilemma - or ..... a way to justify a new bike ?? :wink: Although the Burgman is quite capable, you are correct, they are pricey. Cycle Canada did quite a report on the 650 burgie a few issues ago through the mountain roads of BC. You might want to consider either V-STrom, the pricing is good enough that you could buy many pairs of coveralls to protect that uniform with the savings over a KTM, Tiger or FJR

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Hey Steve you'rr commuting 30 miles not going cross country.

Can't you change when you get to work ?, your uniform isn't going to protect you if you disembark before coming to a full stop.

Can just hear the inmates now, there's the guard that comes to work on a scooter !

My personal choice would be the FJR1300 but a Katana seems to be all you need. Or maybe a V-Strom.

Well let us know what you decide on.

BTW checked out a Tiger at the Montreal bike show, like in even better in person.
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