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Upgraded the front sprocket

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I installed a 16T front sprocket in place of the stock 15T on my 03 Marauder...13 bucks plus shipping through Dennis Kirk. It was a very easy swap that took less than a half hour. It made the engine RPM's noticeably lower at 50mph and didn't seem to take anything away down low. At higher speeds, 65mph and above it still feels like the RPM's could be lower.
I'm going to order the 17T sprocket and see how it rides then. I think with the V&H exhaust system, K&N's and jet kit I have on it already, the bike should perform well with the 17T sprocket.
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very cool...nice to see someone doing it in steps. you will be able to give us a great comparison. and for 14 bux you arent really wasting anything. you could probably sell the 16T on here to someone for 10 and give them a deal and you only lose 4....

let us know how it rides after the 17T swap.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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