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Used GS500

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Darn budget, and to make it worst, the Taxes ware coming... :cry:

I've been trying to find a used bike for this year's riding period. Looks like my budget will be pretty tight, maybe around $2000 Cdn (about $1500 US). Do you people think I can get a reasonable bike for that amount? More into the standard type (like a GS500) preferably. The intent would be to use it a year, maintain it properly, maybe even paint it to make it more attractive (read more easy to resell) and then sell it the year after for the same amount (if not more). Sounds liek a good plan? Can it be done? Worth it? Or should I just forget about it for another year?
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Bikes in good condition over about 5 years old don't depreciate much. You definately get your money's worth. I had my Nighthawk for 5 years and sold it for $400 less than I paid for it.
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