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Vibrating headlight

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The headlight on my Marauder vibrates noticeably at speeds over 40mph or so. At highway speeds it results in a pretty eye catching flashing headlight that doesn't seem to affect how well I can see in the dark. When I ride at night I always feel like I have an ambulance or something behind me because of the way the light flickers on street signs.

I was thinking about tightening this up but I noticed that some people pay good money for headlight ocillators that seem to do just about what my vibrating headlight is doing. I've put 800 miles on the bike so far and I don't think the vibration is going to break the headlight, afterall it looks like its sitting on a rubber mount.

What do you guys think? Should I try to fix this 'problem' or should I just leave it alone?
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Ride-or-die said:
must really annoy other road users!!!

a good reason to leave it then, no? hahaha
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