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vinson questions

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i have a vinson 500 and have a question does any one know how to disable the reverse limiter. a pain in the but when stuck in snow/mud

and when you put a warn winch on the vinson do you have to buy a special mounting kit or do they fit when they come off the shelf :?:
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heres your disale for your vinson reverse restrictor

These instructions will completely disable the reverse speed limiter.

Be careful riding since the ATV can now go just as fast in reverse as forward. The steering will be very unstable at high speed.

All work is done to the wiring bundle on the upper frame rail near the left rear tire. (All directions refer to the position on the ATV as if you are in the rider’s position.)

 Diode – suggested part number 1N4001 available from Radio Shack (1N4002, 1N4003, or 1N4004 will also work but are slightly more expensive.)
 Electrical tape
 2 band ties (optional)

 knife, wire stripper, wire cutter, soldering iron and solder

1. Locate the CDI module mounted on the front of the rear storage box. Locate the wire bundle on the upper frame rail going to the CDI module, taillight, and two loose connections. Carefully cut the tape securing the wire bundle to the retaining clip that is mounted vertically into the frame rail. The bundle along the frame rail is covered by an adhesive vinyl sleeve. Peel back that sleeve toward the front of the ATV. You may have to unwrap a tape holding the end of the sleeve. Do not cut the vinyl sleeve. Do not remove the short sleeve covering the branch to the CDI module.

2. Find the White/Red (white with a red tracer) wire and the Blue/Red wire. There is more than one Blue/Red wire, find the one going to the CDI module. Cut the Blue/Red wire. Cover the end going to the CDI module with tape. Connect the diode to the Blue/Red wire going toward the front of the ATV. The cathode (end of the diode with the stripe) connects to the Blue/Red wire. The other end of the diode (anode) connects to the White/Red wire. Don’t cut the White/Red wire, just peel back the insulation. Make sure to solder your connections. Stagger your connections so that the diode lies in a straight line along the wiring bundle. Make sure there are no sharp solder or wire spikes.

3. Cover your connections with tape. Make cure the bare diode leads do not touch each other or any ground. Cover the diode with tape securing it to the wire bundle. Pull the vinyl sleeve back over the bundle and secure it with tape. Secure the bundle to the mounting clip. You can use tape, but I found wire ties to be easier.

4. When you are done it should look just like you started. The speedo display will work just as before
should cost ya less then a buck
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im in 4 forums and had lots time was off due to rain lol and your welcome
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