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I have a Suzuki VL125 which up until recently has been kind to me. On Friday just gone, I attempted to use the bike to go home from work only unlike usual, the starter button wouldn't do anything. After checking everything, waiting approx' 30m then having a fiddle with the cut off button, it worked. I got home then tried to start it again and nothing.

Knowing the poor weather that's been, over the weekend I've cleaned it up (irrelevant), charged and tested the battery to find it's perfectly fine, checked the sparks anyway which are good and attempted to start it - nothing. I'm pulling in the clutch, ensuring the stand is in/up/not out, fuel is on, battery full but pushing the starter button still does nothing. Not even a dimming of the headlight (side issue, my running light has blown could this be related?) it's almost as if the button isn't connected anymore.

Can anyone with experience please guide me on what I should be looking at next? Googling isn't all that helpful past looking at the battery. I'm assuming it's a short circuit to the button itself but can't seem to check this/what would be the advice to checking this/if I can safely at home with limited tools. Not really sure what to do but have a feeling I'll be forking out for a mechanic.

Thanks in advance,

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then having a fiddle with the cut off button, it worked.

I'm assuming it's a short circuit to the button itself
Do you really NOT see that statement #1 above might be a REALLY good clue ??

A $10 multi-meter is a really useful tool if you intend to try and fix things like this yourself.

If the start button is bad, it would be an OPEN, not a in, the contacts aren't making contact anymore.

I think a shop could fix this for you for less than $100, unless maybe a part is needed.

Dousing both the kill switch and the start button with rubbing alcohol, exercising them with the ignition OFF and then blowing out the excess alcohol might work......for a while.

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hi back to basics ck the start switch unplug it & short the 2 pins ck the side stand switch clutch switch if all the sw are ok ck the start relay Than the ingation needs to be clean it can be fix I had the same problem it has break away screws to hold it together take it apart & clean the contacts
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