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I just purchased a 1996 VS800 Intruder with 4366 miles on it. The bike is in mint condition. I used to ride many years ago. I had a total of 6 bikes and over the years and I just quit riding. I wanted to get back into riding again and I purchased the Intruder. I do not have a service manual yet (ordered it yesterday). The dealer checked all the fluids for me but for my personal satisfaction I need a few questions answered.

1. What oil should I use in the crankcase?
2. How much oil does it take?
3. How do you check the proper level of the oil?
4. When I remove the oil filler cap, should I be able to see oil since it does not have a dipstick.

These may be trivial questions for you guys, but I haven't been riding for the past 20 years, just drag racing cars. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Age BTW is 56 and recently widowed.
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