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VStrom 650

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If you haven't ridden one of these great bikes, shame on you! I agree with the article written in Rider; the V stands for versatile! Anyway, I have added Givi E460 side cases, Mo-tech centerstand, and just ordered C-Bailey's comfort screen. These come in several sizes; 21.5, 23.5, 27.5 or larger if you want. The stock screen is 15.5 which is OK, but not great; lots of buffeting. I tried the Seang stealth edging and that helped, then I read the article in Ride and ordered the C-Bailey's screen. I opted for the 21.5 size which is 6 inches taller and four inches wider; I'm 6'1" and with this screen, I should be looking just over the top. And I can install the stealth edging if need be. Suzuki is suppose to have the hand guards available in a few weeks which I intend to order. Just for information, I would recommend going directly to Givi for your side/top cases and hardware as they will be cheaper than Suzuki OEM stuff plus you have your choice of sizes and colors. The same for the Mo-tech cernterstand, which by the way is a very good quality item and mounts perfectly. The Givi stuff works well too; don't forget to tell them you want one key to fit all your cases. I didn't and I have two keys for my side cases; no big deal, but it would be nice to have one key for both. I've got 1700 miles on my VStrom and love it; it's smooth, plenty of power, and handles like a bike I've ever owned! If anyone has suggestions for a decent horn let me know; the stock horn like most is terrible. But that's the only complaint I have with this bike. Ride safe...ride on...John
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Just got mine today, blue. Thank for all the tips on the accessories. Do you have a web address or phone number for Mo-Tech (centerstand)? Can I order one from them directly or do I need to go through a dealer?

Also, do you know where or how I can lower the seat about an inch or so?

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