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Wanna beef up my '92 DR250

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Hey guys, new here first of all.

I have a 92 suzuki DR250 and a 85 Honda XR200R (4 valve head and dual carbs).

But anyway i'm looking to upgrade the exhaust, intake, cam and maybe even put a big bore kit in it. Pretty much the works because I can't have enough power! I have a super trapp muffler on the Honda and like the disc system on it, plus I can take discs off to quiet it down if need be. I don't race the bike in motocross but do once in awhile get out to the local track to have a little fun. Mostly just running off-road through the woods and trails. The engine is very solid and runs great, I don't think it had too many hours on it when I got it, still has the original front tire with lots of knob left. So since the engine doesn't need a rebuild i'll probably go with a cam, intake and exhaust.

Also need to know where I can buy these parts from, would prefer some online shops that I can check some stuff out at. Also have a zuke dealer close by the house.

Thanks for any help guys!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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