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Has anyone had problems getting warranty work done ?
I purchased a new Suzuki Vinson Manual 500 4x4
after a short run, my wife decided to wipe the dust off it. She found a small hairline crack in the front grill.
I notified my dealer and told him my problem. He informed me that he would contact Suzuki and see what he could do.
Now its been 3mos. sence each time I speack to the dealer he has some
excuse such as; Its hard to get plastic parts from Suzuki
I'm still trying to get that part
That wasn't the only damage I found, the fuel cock had to be replaced
( warranty covered that) and one of the plastic clips on the fuel cock side
was broken.
The dealer still says that its hard to get plastic from Suzuki and he is still
trying to get the front grill.

Is there anyone out there think I getting the Royal runaround from my

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Sounds like it.

1) You could try another dealer; or
2) You could contact 'Zuk (see their website) and complain.

I'd try another dealer. If they can help you, call the run-around guy and tell him nevermind . . . dealerhsip "so-and-so" can have it fixed this week.

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Yes you are getting the run around.

Best thing to do is call Suzuki Customer Service line and complain (nicely)
Parts for motorcycles , especially Suzuki's are easy to get. I have dealings with all the manufacturers parts suppliers and find Suzuki to be one of the best.
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