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Washing your bike

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Sorry for the three posts in a row just have a lot to learn being a new motorcyclist

Is it bad to wash your bike once a week? Is there anything that I should avoid using ? Anything I should avoid getting wet? or just go at it like a car?
any chrome polish reccomendations?

I like to wash my vehicles once a week and am sure I probably won't be different with my bike so wanted to make sure I am not going to ruin anything.
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SuzukiGirl1 said:
wow you don't like newbies do you? Not to step on your toes again but sometimes people like to start their own threads on certain subjects maybe someone new has something alot more knowledgable than what those other previous threads have to say, cause to tell you the truth they weren't that great also if you don't like peoples posts don't reply.....I have been on Mustang forums for a long time and understand what it's like for people to be new I personally like to help them out and If I get tired of someone asking a question on something thats been posted alot I just don't answer, simple as that...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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