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Weeping petrol on start-up

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I have a 80s Suzuki GSX400F Katana, which generally runs well. At the moment, when starting the engine from cold, I am seeing a small amount of petrol weeping (please see the photos attached). I cannot see any obvious damage around the area to see where the petrol is coming from. Last season, I had no problem in this area, and this has just started as I am preparing the bike for the coming season.
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Has anyone ever had a similar situation, and do you have a fix?
Many thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the info, Easy Rider—much appreciated. After drying the outside of the bowl last night, and putting the bike on its side stand, it is dry this morning. In 2019, the bike had a complete fuel system rebuild by the previous owner; I saw the documented photographs of the rebuild. Since that time, the bike has only covered around 4,500 miles (ca. 7,242 km), mainly on rural roads. However, the gaskets on the engine do look in rather poor condition. The positioning of the screws holding the bowl, are quite awkward to get at because of the space available, but I will go and see a mechanic friend, to see if he has something. Oh, and I will be careful.(y)
Thanks for that, @Aussie Steve. I will have to see how easy a fix that would be. Unfortunately, I am not a mechanic and can only do simple repairs.
I'll check to see if the overflow is okay, @Easy Rider. Thanks for the further suggestion.
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