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Left home at 10 this morning with Roger, Julies Uncle, under foggy
skies. I was hoping that it would be like yesterday. You know, burn off,
and get clear the further north and east we went, NOT! Took surface
streets to Sand Canyon, Vasquez (got rain here) and at Bouquet Cyn, found
the Highway Patrol and the road closed sign. He said it was locals only,
same with San Fransquito Cyn. Major road repairs still going on from all our rain storms. He did say that Lake Hughes just reopened! So off we went.

Still overcast getting across the Santa Clarita Valley on surface
streets. Finally onto The Old Road and then Lake Hughes road, where the rock slides and water damage are unbelievable in person. Even the ones that
have been cleared appear to still be very dangerous with huge boulders
waiting to roll down the rest of the way.

Now midway up the canyon we are in the clouds and it's raining even
more. So we abandon our attempt to reach the wild flowers off Highway 138. We could have Super Slabbed it over there but that's just not the same.

On the way down the canyon we quickly discover that the rain is
bringing all the loose dirt, mud, gravel and rocks out onto the roadway again.
The further we went the heavier the rain. The denser the fog or clouds
became. I was at a point of maybe 20 feet of visibility. My rear tire
slipping and sliding on every corner and some straights, even at very low speeds. Felt as if I was hydroplaning on a thin layer of mud. It was a struggle to stay in the lane. Visor was useless so I had to lead us down with it open and getting pelted in the face with little visibility. Roger kept my
taillight in sight, but far enough back to avoid the muddy rooster tail from
my rear tire. Trying to get off the mountain it felt like I was driving
by Braille! Luckily I lived near there for 20 years and could drive
that road blind.

Once reaching the bottom the clouds lift and the rain stops! Typical
for that mountain. So we took a much needed break and then took side
roads home.

Not exactly the ride I had planned for today, but it was still a nice
ride! Not a lot of miles, maybe 170, but definitely challenging. :roll:
Here are some pictures.[email protected]/my_photos

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Now you know how I feel!
Still a bit of a mess from the bad weather isn't it?
At least you got out mate.You friend done all those miles with just jeans protecting his legs?

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stevie c said:
You friend done all those miles with just jeans protecting his legs?
He is my wifes Uncle, old school rider etc. I been trying to convince him to wear more gear. He actually wore my Tour Master overpants home tonight because of the cold and rain. I think he's catching on. Took me forever to get him off his cruiser and on that sport tourer. He wanted a Harley. Now every time we pass a Harley broke down on the shoulder I lean over and say "See that could be you!" :twisted:

He is a very fast rider too! But he has a Pass! LAPD Sargeant. I'll bet within a month he buys some riding pants. Then I'll work on him getting rid of those hiking boots! He wears full gear riding Motocross, but not street?
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