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what do yall think?

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Of the 2002 SV650s?? I have a guy who is like my brother. He has had it since brand new. Never dropped. 4700 miles on it. completely stock. two lids and a joe rocket jacket included. for $3500..he wants to get rid of it pretty bad. So is this a deal or just a fair price?

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thanks State! He needs, just graduated college a year ago and has house payments and new car payments and no time to ride.
actually i went and saw her this weekend, turns out its actually an 01, not an 02. Sat down on her, and it felt greaat. I can't wait for my bday!!!
thanks for the advice..I will start looking into helmets, any suggestions?
with a lil bit of research i think im gonna look into HJC a bit more...they seem to be a good company and have a range of products. Plus i have heard some good things from friends.
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