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What do you keep in your bags?

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I keep some basic items in my bag for cruising on weekends. I stay within two or three hours from home. This is what I have:

1) map
2) flashlight
3) am/fm radio (to listen while riding)
4) camera
5) bike lock

The bike comes with a tool kit. What else would you recommend that I carry? Maybe something to fix flats? I've been riding for just six months and I'm still learning. Thanks.
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Protect All and soft rag(face shield and plastics cleaner)
Cell Phone
AAA Card
Trip maps
Cold weather gloves (even in the hottest part of the summer--ya just never know)
Sweat shirt/Long Sleeve T Shirt
Turtle Hood (under helmet hood)
Leatherman (or other multi-tool)
Plenty of extra ear plugs
Couple of $$ in change (for emergency)
Chain lube
Air gauge
Mini-Maglite and extra batteries
Camera and extra batteries
First aid kit & Meds
Toilet Paper
Rain Gear
Drinking water
Duct Tape
Tie Wraps
Canyon Dancer or Tie Down extensions
Tire repair kit
Registration and proof of insurance
Owners Manual
J B Weld (fast set)
Factory tool kit
Hand rags and wipes
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It's amazing how much crap you can fit in a smal space if you pack it right. The hard part is getting it all back in there after digging through it on the side of the road. But it sure beats sitting for hours waiting for a tow truck!
I should clarify. Not everything on the list goes on every ride. It's pick and choose for the specific ride. All the tool type items fit in the tail of the gixxer so they are always there. Out here I see weather extremes this time of year like 40 to 110 degrees. some rides see elevation changes from -40 to 9,000 feet. So extra layers are needed for non electric whimps like me. Hauling the rain gear is my way of praying for sunny skies!

This Saturdays 4 AM start will be 44 degrees, then 80 all morning, low 40's at the Grand Canyon, then into the 80 and 90's for the afternoon, evening back to the 40's. So 50 degrees is a lot of adjusting in a single day. If you aren't comfortable, you are not as alert as you should be. I'd rather carry more and not need it, than not have it and be miserable.

You don't want to see the list for my 1600 plus mile ride this weekend! I want a successful ride so I found room for the kitchen sink.

Someday that electric vest on my Christmas list will show up. :evil:
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Forgot to list one very important tool, my little PDA. It contains all the names, address and phone numbers I may need on the road. Even has our clubs ERC list, 40 plus members, willing to help at a moments notice.
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