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What do you keep in your bags?

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I keep some basic items in my bag for cruising on weekends. I stay within two or three hours from home. This is what I have:

1) map
2) flashlight
3) am/fm radio (to listen while riding)
4) camera
5) bike lock

The bike comes with a tool kit. What else would you recommend that I carry? Maybe something to fix flats? I've been riding for just six months and I'm still learning. Thanks.
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Some things you may want to add a spare pair of goggles/glasses if you don't ride with a full-face (maybe even if you do), a rag, plastic zip ties, electrical tape, some cash ($20 for tolls, beer, pay phone if your cell battery dies, beer, whetever), spare fuses, spare spark plugs

Also you may want to tape a spare key inside the headlight bucket, loose your keys? Just find a screwdriver....

I also carry some asprin and tums
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