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What do you think??

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This ones for all those engine experts out there.

I went out to white wash Utah this weekend and the last day I was there something(sand?) got stuck in my throttle and the bike was stuck wide open for a short period of time. I had to lay the bike over and stall it to stop it from running. When I picked up the bike and kicked it over, I had a small vibration noise coming from the inside of the cylinder. Could have I burned something up? Maybe my rings or even damage to the piston? I was able to ride it back to camp, but didn't run it after that. I'm hoping I didn't scour the inside of the cylinder walls. I want to fix the problem before its ridden again.

Thanks for your knowledge.
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Well it may be time to take the top end off and have a look as you definatly did something to it.
Not to worry if the walls a re chewed. I have sent Millenium Technologies some cylinders that I was about to throw in the garbage. I sent them to Millenium to see what they could do. Well long story short those cylinders came back looking better than new! They have done over 4000miles now and have had absolutly no problems.

Average cost would be roughly 135.00 US depending on the amount of damage
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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