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What do you think??

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This ones for all those engine experts out there.

I went out to white wash Utah this weekend and the last day I was there something(sand?) got stuck in my throttle and the bike was stuck wide open for a short period of time. I had to lay the bike over and stall it to stop it from running. When I picked up the bike and kicked it over, I had a small vibration noise coming from the inside of the cylinder. Could have I burned something up? Maybe my rings or even damage to the piston? I was able to ride it back to camp, but didn't run it after that. I'm hoping I didn't scour the inside of the cylinder walls. I want to fix the problem before its ridden again.

Thanks for your knowledge.
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Yeah, I know, I'm just dredding the fact that the cylinder walls may be screwed. I've never had a two stroke head apart, but my weisco just showed up last night. I guess I'll find out this weekend.
Dave, thats just the reassurance I was looking for. Thanks for the website. I'll be breakin her down this weekend and having a looksy. I'm hoping for the best here, but feel better that even worst case scenario, it won't be a dead end.

Thanks again :cheers:
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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