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what does a throttle boss do?

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Do any of you guys have a throttle boss? What exactly does it do? Does it help?
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They sure do come in handy on long can rest your palm on the throttle boss and wiggle your fingers to keep them from cramping, or to keep them from freezing in cold weather.
I actually like the throttle rocker best, as the ones that attach perminantly (such as the one that screws to the end of the ISO grips) only offer one possition, so the possition that works great at 55 is unusable at 85. Also, I like to pull mine off and slip it in my vest pocket when I come on some twisties, as you sure don't want to countersteer in a corner and accidently roll on the throttle with your palm.
Yup, removing the boss from the ISO grips requires an Allen wrench to remove the four bolts holding the end cap it really should be considered a permanent installation.
I see you put 55 miles on your new toy- I guess it finally stopped raining!
Got any good pics?
When you are ready for a long trip, meet me in Lake City or Jacksonville for a beer.
You really can'tadjust it on the fly, unless they have radically redesigned it since I had one. I need one that you can adjust while riding- setting it for the most comfortable position for whatever speed I am going at the moment. I use the throttle rocker every now and then, but prefer a throttle lock device that holds the throttle without any hand contact. I prefer a removable one too, as the throttle rocker or boss can really be in the way if you aggressively countersteer to carve up corners like I do. But everyone has their own taste, and everyone has their own riding style. I think he has the right idea- try the concept with the cheep one, and if he finds he likes it and does not adjust its location on the grips much, then buy the more expensive and permanent one.
Ahhh...I'm skipping Daytona this year, and riding to California next month instead. I rode to the Super Bowl at Jax, and get there every now and then. Let me know when you are gonna be there...
trappercase said:
Homemade "cruise control" throttle lock. Fits between the throttle and the switch housing.
Pretty cool! I have something similar, but it is smaller and metal. You can also use a big rubber o-ring and a key ring...but that's a bit too cheesy for me.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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