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What is a good brand of saddle bags for a 1500LC?

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I have an '04 1500LC and would like a nice set of saddlebags. I like the stealership ones they have, but I don't like the price (no surprise). I would like them to bolt on the bike like the dealer's. I am getting tired of having a backpack strapped to my back,,,just doesn't fit the cruiser image. Any recommendations for them, info about fit, are they lockable, and personal experience would be great!!!! Thanks!!! :mrgreen:
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Thanks,, I looked at the "Boulevard" bags,, although the dealer is VERY proud of them,, they do look nice,, I just wonder if it would look weird having the boulevard logos on my Intruder? I'm still debating on it. After last Saturday I rode it for about three hundred miles and I have decided that I really need a Mustang seat first. One with the backrest.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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