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What is considered a "tight turn" by the DMV?

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I am practicing finessing my skills on my Intruder 1500 and while practicing I am trying to get the tight turns don't pat. From what I have been told the DMV test has "tight turns" on the test (at least in Georgia). What is considered a tight turn and how fast do I need to be going do do it? Anyone with any pointers on what I need to be practicing to pass the Georgia DMV riding exam would be "GREATLY" appreciated. Plus I also want ot be able to safely handle my bike as well. :roll:
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Just keep practicing till you hit the steering stops, that's when you know you can't get any tighter. Of course the trick is clutch control.
Don't want to jump to conclusions but their website does not give off the professionalism I would be looking for in a riding school.

I want to see instructors in full gear teaching by example, plenty of other places I can see cleavage and babes draped over bikes.
Actually the last time I had this reaction to a website I was way off.

I was checking out riding (Horse) scholls after having been recommended a certain one by a friend.

Well I check out their site and low and behold the home page has this pic of a young attractive lady showing a lot of cleavage with a suggestive look on her face.I sort of glanced sideways at my wife who just shrugged.

Well we had already promised the friend that we would meet him there and check the place out. The people there were very nice and seemed to be great with kids. Still the pic bothered me but I didn't mention it. Well after spending the afternoon there with these very nice people they sort of explained the situation. Their 22 yr old daughter died in a car accident and that was the only pic they had of her.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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