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What is considered a "tight turn" by the DMV?

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I am practicing finessing my skills on my Intruder 1500 and while practicing I am trying to get the tight turns don't pat. From what I have been told the DMV test has "tight turns" on the test (at least in Georgia). What is considered a tight turn and how fast do I need to be going do do it? Anyone with any pointers on what I need to be practicing to pass the Georgia DMV riding exam would be "GREATLY" appreciated. Plus I also want ot be able to safely handle my bike as well. :roll:
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St0nkingByte said:
There's a DVD out there where an experienced motorcycle cop takes one of their big bikes with all the crap hanging off of it and does slow tight turns like you can't believe.
Ride Like a Pro is the name of it kind of lame in the "non-riding" parts but otherwise good. Well worth the $35

Sample clip here

And take the MSF class. FYI here in MASS they issue you your license if you pass the course, no extra trip to the MV department.
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