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What is considered a "tight turn" by the DMV?

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I am practicing finessing my skills on my Intruder 1500 and while practicing I am trying to get the tight turns don't pat. From what I have been told the DMV test has "tight turns" on the test (at least in Georgia). What is considered a tight turn and how fast do I need to be going do do it? Anyone with any pointers on what I need to be practicing to pass the Georgia DMV riding exam would be "GREATLY" appreciated. Plus I also want ot be able to safely handle my bike as well. :roll:
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Pinhy said:
HA..same thing with me. i knew i was getting the M50 so when i saw that ONE suz 250 they had i had to have it! it was awesome.

i am lookin gforward to seeing the police drill teams do their things at the Leesburg bike weekend in april. them and other teams are doing shows all weekend. should be cool and eductaional to watch.
When I took the class that was the bike I owned. GZ250. So I opted for one of the eliminator 125's they had. that was a mistake. I had bruises on the sides of my knees from the emblems that kawi. put on the tank.
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