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any info on purchasing a set of paddles would be a great help. i have a 86 LT 250 R .020 overbore, 38mm carb, FMF gold pipe, turbine core silencer, 11 tooth front, 44 tooth rear. i am currently running 22/12/10 kenda bear claws on the rear and i have no idea what might be a good tire to run in the sand. i was looking at the kenda gecko in a 21/11/8, but there are so many styles of sand tires to choose from that all seem like they would work well with my set up. i don't want to buy a set that hooks up too well and bogs the motor and i don't want a set that will just spin and not hook at all. i am planning a trip to the silver lake sand dunes in april so i have some time to pick a good set before i go.

thanks for any help, and remember there are still a few riders that mix oil with their gas!
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