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Hello everyone. New here and also very new to bikes. And I mean very new. 28 years old and never attempted to ride one. My father has had one his whole life but I never took after it. I've really been wanting to look into motorcycles now and I have some questions. I like cruisers. I like Harley's, and Yamaha VStar, Road Star, and Royal Stars but purley from a looks standpoint. What advice would you have for me or info about any of these bikes and if they are suitable for a newbie? I've grown up a big truck and cars gearhead but never motorcycles so I am out of my element. Thanks all.

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First, how long since you have ridden a bicycle ?
It is good to brush up on that skill first. Really.

Then.....unless you are a REALLY large person, it is good to start out on something small and easier to handle.
There are several 250 models available. A used one should be fairly inexpensive and still have good resale value 6 months or a year later.

Forget "looks" with your first couple of bikes.
And forget Harleys for a long time unless you have money to burn.
Some of them are not bad bikes but WAY overpriced.

After you graduate from your first "training bike", consider the Kawasaki Vulcan 900.
The custom I had was the best bike I've ever ridden. And that is out of a LOT of different ones.

And finally, seriously consider taking a beginners riding course BEFORE you buy anything.
That will help give you an idea of what size machine you will feel comfortable on.
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