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Hi all! Still got my new Kat 6 sunny side up! (Woohoo!)

Here's my situation:
I live in an apartment.
The bike won't fit through the front door.
I don't have covered or carport parking.
It's supposed to rain on Friday.
Texas rain sucks.

Here's some questions:
Will rain hurt the bike much? I know I should invest in a cover...
Do I need to do any extra maintenance right after it rains?
(I've heard a lot about having to re-grease the chain after
a rain... ? )

I do NOT plan on riding in the rain, since I live close enough to work
to walk. Just interested in what I should do to keep my new baby shiny!
Thanks for all the input!

- [email protected]
- KatanaMatt

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Put it in a box and mail it to yourself. If you're lucky it will be back after the rain lol :lol:

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Probably all you need it a good cover, for rain, snow, sun, bird crap, kids, etc.

Lubing the chain (more than usual) is really only needed if you have a longer run in the rain (20 - 50 miles)
When I got married (1974) I had an old hippie van I used as a portable garage for my tools and 2 bikes, worked pretty well.

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a 'good cover' is just a bike cover you can buy from your dealer or directly from Suzuki online - go to their website and list all the accessories on their website, it'll be there. Costs about $120.
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