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The '05 Gixxer 750 has just come out ... I would imagine that you'll be paying MSRP or something close to that.

If you are looking to save some $$$, try to find a dealer that still has some new '04s in his showroom. Same bike, but you'll be in a better negotiating position, since it's a year old (as far as the dealer is concerned).

They didn't change anyhting on the 750 this year, so there is no "killer" reason to make the '05 a "must". If you were looking at the 1000'er, then it's a different story - they did some major work to that one this year.


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05 Gixer750 said:
What is a good price to pay for an 2005 GSX-R 750? Dealer wants sticker is that to high? I'm In NH USA.
Honda East, a large multiline dealer in Chicago, sells the '05 GSX R750 for $8240. They are pretty much the rock bottom. As Inspiron says, the 750s are just coming out, some dealers see that as a reason to price high. Some dealers just sell the bikes at a discount.

I got the first '05 C50 in my part of the state for $700 off sticker price with no add on fees. It is totally dependent on the dealer. I have two local Suzuki dealers. One discounts all the time. They had no Volusias left in July, but gave me a much better deal on an '05 C50 than the other dealer would do on an '04 Vol. The other dealer is still trying to sell their '04 Vols at sticker plus fees - and I understand they have quite a few left.

A good dealer is a wonderful thing. 8)
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