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What would you buy?

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I'm faced with a tough decision. I want a Burgman and I can have one for $8000 (CDN), but I don't know which? The AN400 is new, has less power but both back rests and a better fuel consumption. The AN650 is a 2003 model with 3800 km on it, only 4 month of warranty remaining. It has more power, more speed, but I have to pay extra for passenger back rest and the fuel consumption is higher, so the cruising range is lower.
What would you do? :roll:
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As of now I ride a Savage and the single issue is the 2 up capability. I was looking at the Burgman as a 2 up solution. I do not do extended highway (over 60 mph traffic speed) trips, but I like to travel in confort for a few hundred miles without back problames (especially for my wife)
and be capable of carrying light luggages.
Thanks a lot guys. I'm going to see the dealer. I'll go for 650 if is it still available. I'm 50 young, so the back may become a problem for me too.
This will bring up another issue. Who wants my "old", stock, 2003 Savage with 5200 km on it?
I solved my dilema - I bought a Honda Pacific Coast. It is almost as nice and good as a Burgman and it was much cheaper.
My Savage is still for sale.
Yes, the very old one. It may be plastic-y but I love the weather protection and the large trunk. And did I mention it was way cheaper?
Long time no see! Sorry for missing so many posts. I was to visit my folks in Romania and spent few moths with them.
Honda can get easy at 75 - 80 mph and stay there for good. There is extra power left to get you to top speed (about 100 mph).
The speedo is accurate within 3 mph when compared with my car, and my car was clocked with the police radar recently (125 km/h clocked and indicated by my speedo) which cost me some money.
My main complain is the lack of the sixth gear which will improve the mileage.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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