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What's the best cruising trip you've ever been on?

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I really don't have one (I'm still new). I have ridden up to the Texas-Oklahoma state line, and it's been fun. I'm at the northern end of the Dallas-Fort Worth "metroplex". There's nothing north of my house except farms, ranches, & country roads. The scenery doesn't compare with Connecticut (where I'm originally from), but it's pretty nice.

Someday I'll go on a real ride.
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Jay, I'd suggest you head out one Friday, ride over to Paris then up towards Haileyville over to Mena Arkansas then just cruise through the Ozarks. Stay off the four lanes, eat at the local cafes where the waitresses call you "hon", don't get in a hurry, just take a few days and enjoy the ride. Near Mena is the headquarters of the Christian Motorcyclists Association. You can camp there if you are so inclined but they can also steer you to the best riding in the area. The temperatures are best in the spring and fall but the colors are the best in the fall.
Other good rides. Magdalena, New Mexico to Quemato then up to Grants. Also, Ruidoso, New Mexico down to the Tularosa Basin, up to Cloudcroft, over to Sunspot back through Mayhill back towards Cloudcroft over the Mescalero into Ruidoso.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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