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Which bike is good for me?

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I am a new rider, 176 lbs 5' 8". Initially I was thinking of buying Honda Rebel and using it for expressway riding. But I read few messages and realize that it may be small for my purpose.
Now, I am thinking between Suzuki Savage, Honda Shadow VLX and Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD.

I have ridden Rebel and other smaller bikes before. I would be purchasing a bike for daily 50 mile expressway commute to work.

Based on your experiance, which of these bikes us good?

If you know any other (new or old) bikes that fits my requirements please let me know.

I don't want to go higher than 650 cc bike.

Thanks a bunch,

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Yes, I have taken the course and have a motorcycle license. I have ridden many small bikes and scooters overseas, where 200cc is considered a large bike (mostly because of the road condition and market demand). But ridding bigger bikes is a different game. Also, I live in midwest, which means I can ride only four months out of the year. So, I don't want to spend a whole lot of money on a new bike. But, I will certainly consider bikes that you have suggested.

Thanks for your feedback on the Savage. Which one do you think is a better bike amongs Savage and Shadow?

wsharp said:
. You should also think a little bit into the future, when you will want a windshield and probably saddlebags for carrying stuff to work in. The bigger displacement bikes are probably better suited to that. And even though they are considered "middleweights" they actually handle quite nicely, light and responsive. Keep in mind though that the Honda 750 did not get shaft drive until this model year (2004).
One more question. Are the windshield on the bikes are any helpful? I have never used it, but seen on many bikes. I am wondering if it serves any functional purpose or just asthetic.

I am asking because, when I purchase my bike, I want it completely ready for my likings. I will probebly get all the required accessories installed during purchase.

Once again, thanks,
Thank you all for your response. It is certainly helpful and I read your suggestions almost everyday while I am getting ready to buy one soon.

I am looking into purchasing small T-bag for carring extra stuff like raincoat, firstaid kit, repair kit and other small stuff. My office bag will not fit into such bags, so I am planning to use bunji net (I don't know the real name, but you know what I mean) on back seat to hold my bag.

I am going to install windshield (thanks for everyone's experiances) and will also install engine guard. If anyone has any negative experiances with it please let me know.

Other than I am not adding anything extra. Oh yes, I may go with gel seats for my Savage.
Thanks for everyone's help.

I have picked up my 2004 Savage on Apr 2nd. I have been riding since then. I have put 240 miles in three days of riding. Bike is a good starting bike and very fuel efficient, which makes it a daily commute bike.

I will be putting saddlebags and bikers' friend on it to make it more comfortable.

Thanks for all your help.

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