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Which bike is good for me?

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I am a new rider, 176 lbs 5' 8". Initially I was thinking of buying Honda Rebel and using it for expressway riding. But I read few messages and realize that it may be small for my purpose.
Now, I am thinking between Suzuki Savage, Honda Shadow VLX and Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD.

I have ridden Rebel and other smaller bikes before. I would be purchasing a bike for daily 50 mile expressway commute to work.

Based on your experiance, which of these bikes us good?

If you know any other (new or old) bikes that fits my requirements please let me know.

I don't want to go higher than 650 cc bike.

Thanks a bunch,

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Riding In Dallas

Deoveer: Absolutely get the windshield. I agree you probably need at least a 750cc bike, if for nothing else but to enable you to get past trucks! Hubby rides a HD Softail. I bought a Suzuki 250 as a newbie bike which I love and hope to move up to either the Savage or Honda Aero. Be careful out there!

Vol01Jim: Early Sundays on the George Bush is a great ride, not that many cagers and miles of cement! If you don't subscribe already get Ride Texas Magazine (Walmart has them) many wonderful Texas road trips in it. Our favorite is the Hill Country! Also (and you probably know this the ROT Rally is coming up (Austin) if you haven't been-go! Hank Williams, Jr is the performer this year-ought to be awesome!
Keep the rubber side down!
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