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My bikes power would flicker on and off so I went to wiggle the 4 wires that went into the bottom of the ignition and one of them broke.. Now the bike has no power and the broken end is deep in the ignition and I have no way of getting to it to repair the wire...

What are my options...

I'm so pissed off

Can I buy a new ignition? I see some on ebay for like 30.00?

Why is it like 300.00+ to replace a motorcycle ignition.. I don't understand.. My mechanic says it's about 100.00 in labor? That would make a new ignition 200.00 yet I see them ALL OVER ebay for 30-40.. even as low as 20

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13,153 Posts a locksmith or two. They might be able to take it apart and fix it.
This would be much preferred since a key change would not be necessary.

Then....welcome to the world of modern automotive repair charges.
It is not unusual for the manufacturers to charge several hundred for a part you can get elsewhere for less than $50.
Cars, trucks, bikes......all the same. Ford wants $500 each for truck headlights that I got elsewhere for $55 each.

If you can't get a locksmith to fix it, by all means get a new one "3rd party" and install it yourself or get a locksmith to do it.
If the wire colors match, it should be fairly easy.

If you do that, the ignition key won't match other locks on the bike anymore, like fork lock and helmet locks and gas tank.
A locksmith could make them match again.
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