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witnessed 1st bike collision last night

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Strange, I have been riding 11 yrs and last night, for the 1st time with my own eyes, I saw a rider go down (well over a car and then down).

1st up: the rider was ok. In shock, along with the car driver, but unhurt. Put that down to the fact he wasn't speeding, and had washed off some speed by the time he impacted. And he T-boned the car on the rear quarter, not the other way 'round thank god. Plus, he had protective gear on.

2. It was a crash scenario more experienced riders would be aware of. Stationary cars facing a green light but keeping the intersection clear, rider comes through the middle, car turns into his path (failing to give way to oncoming traffic). If he was really concentrating, he'd have stopped his bike in time (an RGV 250 - 140kgs with twin discs up front). I know that sounds harsh but it never ceases to amaze me how unfamiliar some riders are with their bike's braking abilities. In any case, the braking he did do probably saved him an injury.

3. The driver used the old chestnut: "i didn't see him..." Err, that would be because YOU WEREN'T LOOKING (hard enough)....

Well anyway, always look out for that situation. I have a mate who lost his leg in almost the same scenario.

Winter is almost over here :D . Ride safe everyone....
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Welcome to the club.

- Nut
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