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Wondering about what bike i should look come this spring.

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Oh i have experience with dirt bikes and atvs. Planning to get a lesson soon for sportbikes. I dont have any experience on the road. Now i wanna get something that will be good for 5 years. What are some recommendations? :oops: for looking like such a n00b
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which bike

hey nss - I see you are in the vancouver area. This makes consideration of an adventure bike a great idea. The upcoming V-Strom650 will be an excellent bike with good, (but not intimidating) power, and the excellent ergonomics & handling of the bigger V-strom. We have done many trips with paved & dirt roads and this is where the V-Strom excels. Pemberton/Whistler & the interior have some fantastic loops. Further, the V-strom keeps up with some of the best road bikes with no problem. Check out the new bikes at the Vancouver Motorcycle show Jan 23-25 in Abbotsford or for info on the V-Strom 650 check

happy shopping


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I agree 100% with woofy and always wear my obnoxious yellow Joe Rocket jacket. The motorcycle cops wear a similar jacket in BC, so the visibility factor is even better.

Another important factor in heavy traffic areas is the element of SURPRISE ! Most car drivers cannot comprehend or keep track of quickly accelerating motorcycles. They may think you are far enough away, so they pull out & Wham - there you are ! This situation is more pronounced from a head on view - much more so than a side view. My strategy for traffic is to go with the flow and pass with similar speed to a car - at least until I have room with no cars around. Also, I NEVER ride in anybody's blind spot - it scares the hell out of me.

A bit of safe driving common sense will allow us all to ride until we are geezers
oops wrong picture

my buddies on the west coast of washington state
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