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Hey I know this is a motorcycle forum for Suzuki bikes and riders,, but being this is the forum I have decided to call my home I want to propose something to everyone.

I have a friend that is a DJ at a radio station and that friend is running a marathon for Leukemia. She is trying to raise on her own like $2500 dollars and I thought maybe the cruisers and anyone else who happens across this might want to donate to this cause. :bows:

If you go to -- --- and check out the kicks crew,, go to Wylie Rose and there will be a link.

Any donations will be highly appreciated. I don't usually try to promote things like this, but her committment to training for this is really cool. It is a challenge she decided to take on for this cause and I highly respect her for that. :)

So if you feel like it let me know or contact her site directly,, let's show her that the Metric Bikers are the cream of the crop. :)
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