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Would balancing the carbs really help? C'mon now...

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1991 suzuki Katana gsx600f

problem: cleaned carbs, started the bike now I can't get the idle down from 2500 rpm, the throttle cable is fine, idle screw is doing its job, i have the pilot screw set at 2 turns back and it starts up fine, i have played with the adjustment and at 2500 at 2 turns back is the best setting, i believe i need to sync the carbs, but where can get a carb stick or a merc manometer? maybe i didn't clean the carb right but, i am very sure i did, i have the manuel. please help, any suggestions are great, [email protected]
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Thank you.

Thank you very much. I will attempt to do this. Do you possibly think that my float hight may not be adjusted right? Or could I have possibly cleaned the carb wrong?
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