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Yamaha, led by successful new offerings such as the YZ motocrossers, the highly entertaining FZ-09 triple and the Star Bolt Sportster wannabe, had a solid 2013, with sales up 20 percent in a flat US market. But the tuning-fork company has by no means become complacent, a point proven by the new 2015 SR400, a classic-looking standard that goes on sale in June, powered by an air-cooled 399cc four-stroke single with a kickstarter. Yes, a kickstarter.
It takes chutzpah to introduce a kick-start-only streetbike in the US market, but that’s precisely what Yamaha has done with the narrow 384-pound SR400, which traces its lineage back to the SR500 that made its US debut in 1978. Why 399cc? Japan’s tiered license system has a 400cc limit, and the displacement is unchanged for the US market to help keep the cost down.
And speaking of price, the 2015 Yamaha SR400 has an MSRP of $5,990. Although the new SR400, available only in gray, looks like it could actually be 1978 model—even to the point of still having a little window on the cam cover to help the rider find top dead center—its sohc two-valve engine is now fuel-injected, enabling it to meet emissions regulations and be easier to start, aided by a compression release on the left side of the handlebar. Yamaha, in fact, says the new SR400 is so easy to start that it can be done by hand.

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