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…your best towels are not in the bathroom, they're all in the garage.

…you have bags of cat litter, but no cat.

…you won't allow passengers on your bike, but you'll spend an entire weekend making a seat on the bike for your cat or dog.

…you keep a clock that sounds off like a motorcycle engine every hour on the hour, whether at work or at home.

…your favorite color is chrome.

…you dry your bike by turning the throttle after a rainstorm.

…you manually disengage the turn signal when driving your car.

…you throw your leg over your favorite easy chair when you get on

…you have turned grocery shopping into an act of creativity which requires nineteen bungee cords.

…you know what it's like to get a fat lip and black eye in a hail storm.

…you've learned the contortionist's art of leaning back to cover your license plate when riding through intersections.

…you consider sidewalks as passing lanes.

…you get more upset about bug splatter on your pipes than on your shirt.

…you've been know to lie in the dirt in your Sunday best to clean your white walls and spokes. (Hey, why waste money on dry cleaning when you need that new chrome air filter cover. Besides, your suit can be dusted off in about three seconds.)

…your best framed photos are of flame jobs.

…when it comes to working overtime for accessory money, you feel great. Overtime work for family gifts? Hey, time for a break!

…you use 5W20 motor oil, both in the crankcase and on your hair.

…you've been asked about your preference for chewing tobacco when it's just a few leftover bug parts stuck in your teeth.

…your wife orders, "Check up on the baby" and you head for the garage.

…you wake up on December 25th hoping that the snow has melted and find yourself wishing that Bing Crosby would take his White Christmas and shove it.

…you think a tachometer is far more important than a speedometer.

…your wife suggests a cruise vacation and you whip out you WhiteHorse Guides to cruising America's highways.

…you wear four hundred dollars worth of leather to protect you beer belly and a two-dollar, red, paisley bandana to protect your head.

…you've named your sailboat Knot Riding.

…you define quality time as a long ride alone on your bike.

…you try to lean around corners while driving your car.

…your bike gets stored in the bedroom during winter months.

…you undergo symptoms of withdrawal when the bike is in the shop.

-You Sell the car and don't miss it a bit.

…you understand that a relationship is getting serious when you install passenger pegs.

…your wardrobe consists of twenty-six tee shirts, all black.

…your closest friends are all named after reptiles.

…you refer to biker magazines as "literature".

…you've gone "shopping" for flowers for your girl friend and got arrested for trespassing.

…you add to the weatherman's forecast a wind chill factor of 65mph.

-when your wife ask if you want her to patch yer jeans you reply what does the PATCH SAY

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your bike gets stored in the bedroom during winter months
my dad stored his bike in the dining room. we lived in a second floor apartment.

i store mine on the covered front porch.
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